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Kangra Pincode / Post Office Search (KANGRA, Himachal Pradesh)

Bagli B.O 176209KangraHimachal Pradesh
Bandi B.O 176209KangraHimachal Pradesh
Barana B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Bassi B.O 176214KangraHimachal Pradesh
Bhadiara B.O 176209KangraHimachal Pradesh
Bhater B.O 176026KangraHimachal Pradesh
Boharkawaloo B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Chari B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Chetru B.O 176209KangraHimachal Pradesh
Dhagwar B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Dhaloon B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Ghallian B.O 176029KangraHimachal Pradesh
Janyankar B.O 176038KangraHimachal Pradesh
Jheol B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kaled B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kangra Town B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kawari B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kholi B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kohala B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Kulthi B.O 176038KangraHimachal Pradesh
Lanj S.O 176026KangraHimachal Pradesh
Lily B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Maherana B.O 176214KangraHimachal Pradesh
Malan B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Mandal B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Massal B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Matour B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Momta B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Nandehar B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Palera B.O 176029KangraHimachal Pradesh
Panjlehar B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Pathiar B.O 176047KangraHimachal Pradesh
Rait S.O 176208KangraHimachal Pradesh
Rajal B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Rajiana B.O 176029KangraHimachal Pradesh
Rajiana B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Ramehar B.O 176052KangraHimachal Pradesh
Rounkhar B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Sahaura B.O 176209KangraHimachal Pradesh
Samela B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Samloti B.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Sarotri B.O 176037KangraHimachal Pradesh
Shamirpur B.O 176214KangraHimachal Pradesh
Spail B.O 176026KangraHimachal Pradesh
Sunehar S.O 176056KangraHimachal Pradesh
Tanda B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh
Thakurdawara B.O 176029KangraHimachal Pradesh
Trippal B.O 176029KangraHimachal Pradesh
Zamanabad B.O 176001KangraHimachal Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.